1954 Pontiac Bonneville Special Classic Car Review

In the history of classic cars the 1954 Pontiac Bonneville Special presented by General Motors with 2-seater sports coupe having two doors and beautiful look, it shows the reality of Bonneville flats those are representing the high class society. When it launched in the market lot of comments were gotten by the company in its favor, it was designed by Harley J.Earl who was the famous designer at that time in the auto field, The hand made car made with top quality fiberglass material. This was real sports car in classic traditions.

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Exterior Features

When we see the body structure of the car so we compelled by the inspiration that this is space rocket type car that can cross the speed limit in the mind of driver, The unveiled, sports coupe having  high-tech bright look whole body, hood and grill, sunken headlight covered with glass covers, two silver streaks on the hood lead to functional air scoops, two rather bold fender fins with ultramodern twin exhaust chrome-ports and four wheel disk brakes.

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Interior Features

The inner cabin of this rocket type sports car  was innovative due to the best artitechturing service beautiful dashboard, leather bucket seats lay a matching metal, modest gear shift handle, twin vent-control levers, top speed of 120 mph (193 km/h). The  engine was Inline I-8, These were the power of this classic car that can not be ignored.


The price of this classic car is $2.8 million (without premium) and now a days lot of people started to like the classic cars because its show the proudness in society and the prices of classic cars are more than the new model due to this trend.

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