2012 Audi A7 Car Review

The New Audi A7 can be said as the most attractive and beautiful car of the year up-til now. Audi has formulated its exterior as well as interior with the help of proficient and experienced automobile engineers. Reliability, comfortless, wideness and safety are the prime characteristics of this car. The shape and beauty of the car depicts that it has been designed by the hard work and intelligence of the experts. Wherever one wants to go, this car will give easiness and relaxation in drive and comfort to its passengers. You can know everything about this car from this Audi A7 review.

Exterior Features:

The first thing due to which the car gets widespread popularity is its exterior. The beautiful and attractive the exterior of a car is, the more fame it will gain. Similarly, this car has outstanding external features including long and wide appearance, beautiful and broad LED headlights, modular longitudinal architecture, 114.7 inches wheelbase and strong body made up of aluminum and steel.

Interior Features:

The interior features of any car have equal importance as the exterior of the car. The excellent interior features of Audi A7 add into its comfort, ability and popularity. It has seat configuration, feature whereby, navigation system along with Google Map data, touch pad, cruise control, radar sensors, lane-keeping assist, blind-spot monitoring, power steering with steering assist and speed-limit-recolonization. Moreover it also has USB Interface, Bluetooth, internet browsing, night-vision camera and FM traffic.


The car constitutes powerful 300-hp 3.0 TFSI engine and wheel-selective which confirm the constancy during the drive. The car has automatic transmission and can achieve 62mph in 5.6 seconds. It can also achieve 155 mph in a few seconds. The car has excellent capacity for fuel and stores many liters fuel with less consumption and long mileage.


The car is not less than any military air jet when discussing its security. It has advanced modular longitudinal architecture, running lights, Anti-Lock Braking Technique, Multiple-Inception Airbags and all other types of security systems that a car needs for giving excellent security to its passengers.


The all new Audi A7 dribbles magnificence, opulence and simplicity from inside. Its mid consoled center gives a sensation like a cockpit as well as it endows the car a look like a sports car. The contraptions are amazing as aluminum and wood spruce opportunity is considered as an industry yardstick with the gradation of oak. The car provides relaxing environment and gives pleasant experience to the driver as well as all other people who sit in it.

Seating Configuration:

The car is amazingly perfect for a family because of its wideness and 5 seats. It has adjustable comfortable seats along with Armrests.

Comfort and Convenience:

Audi A7 is a comfortable car with a lot of external features including USB interface, FM traffic, Bluetooth, touch pad, navigation system, internet browsing, night-vision camera, speed-limit-recognization and radar sensors.


By acknowledging all the outstanding external and internal features it is imminent that this car is not among less price cars. So the price of the car ranges in between $50,000 to $60,000. Its price is still less as compared to its luxurious and comfortable features as well as attractive and beautiful shape.


Hence, we can say that Audi A7 is absolutely the best car and all those people who have taken its drive have got inspired and happy due to its performance and comfort-ability. Driving this car gives mental as well as personal satisfaction to its passengers. I recommend this car to all such people who are looking for the comfortable and beautiful car with all those features as any luxurious car can have.