2013 Honda Fit EV Review

The last year was popular for Hybrid and green cars, when auto companies observed that people have a demand something better to hybrid so auto companies decided to produce the electric cars with full electric engine and they introduced it in the markets. Now the competition among the auto companies about electric cars have reached on the climax and every auto company want to produce a famous brand for its customers that can fulfill their demands, So Honda showed off its 2013 Fit EV Electric car for its customers in Tokyo Motor Show with the fast technology. This car is Center of Power, Fit Agility, and Fit Versatility with all Electric Convenience.

Exterior Features

The 2013 Fit EV is a small car with four doors and five passengers capacity, its bright colour gives it charming look. It has aerodynamic body structure and its 15-inch alloy wheels have made according to the body structure so it gives the extra look to the car. Its tailpipe does not show under the rear bumper and its back and front bumpers make it the individual.

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Interior Features

The interior features of New Fit EV are superb and remarkable due to having Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System, Voice Recognition and Rearview Camera, 3-Mode Drive System, Automatic Climate Control, EV-Centric Gauges, Gear Selector and Bio Fabric Seats, so we can say that it is a unique technology by Honda Engineers.


The Fit EV is awesome in performance because it has different electric motor which installed in Honda’s FCX Clarity fuel-cell EV; it pumps out 123 hp and 189 lb-ft of torque AC DC electric and 1-speed auto transmission. It has air cooled lithium-ion battery pack made by Toshiba Company. Its battery is packaged under the floor of the car and in this way the cargo space increased; according to Honda its battery gives it the range of 123 miles. Honda presented it with 32 amp onboard charger which can fill the battery within 3 hours from a 240-volt outlet and its charging from a 110-volt outlet should take 6 to 8 hours.


According to the best production of interior and exterior features the Honda Engineers put the safety features with extra ability which makes the Fit EV different to others. It has same government safety standards with six airbags, Vehicle Stability Assist, Electronic Brake Distribution, Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children, Advance Compatibility Engineering body structure, Occupation Position Detection System and the lithium-ion battery is designed to be non-reactive which provides you safety in any crash or puncture.


In the last three years Honda remained top for the environment challenges so it’s Fit EV is also Energy Efficient, it is one of the most efficient electric vehicles in its era, it has no tailpipe because it produces zero emissions and not a single drop of gas is used, so it is totally environment friendly car.

3-Mode Drive System

The Fit EV has options that you can select the Mode according to your wish and nature, in the Normal Mode it will give you standard setting for all systems, in Sport Mode it will give more aggressive power and provide quick acceleration and in ECON Mode you can increase your range to use ECON mode in which Fit EV will give much more to your driving range by as much as 17% compared to driving in normal mode.

Honda Link

This car can impress in its first drive due to its functions which are individual and mind trappers, it has advance Honda Link system which through you can use smartphone with Android or iOS operating system, a personal computer and the interactive remote. It gives you opportunity to check your car charging and limit, so you can set your charge timer to save the battery to overcharge. It has also interactive remote control for those who don’t use smartphone so they can manage it from the 100 feet in this way they can stop or start their car charger for charging it has a function that you can make your car hot and cool to switch on or off your heater or air conditioner with remote.


The Honda Fit EV has simple charging process and it is very fast, the 6.6 kW onboard chargers is capable of recharging full battery level within 3 hours when using a 240-volt circuit. It has remote control and smartphone app system for charging so you can control charging from 100 feet. It has J1772 compatible plug, which can be used in public charging stations and you can charge your car on any simple store or shop.


The Fit EV can buy in $36,625 (before tax credits) and you can get all the reliable feelings in the cabin of Fit EV because once you have to buy than drive it with out any fuel expenses in all life.

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