2012 Mitsubishi i MiEV Small Car Review

There are many auto companies which presented its hybrid cars due to increasing the high prices of oil and gas but now a new invention which is getting fame in the world is electric cars which are totally green and energy efficient. In America the competition among the electric cars is increasing and the best electric and green car with full energy efficient in 2012 is Mitsubishi-i-Electric vehicle powered by MiEV.

Interior and Exterior

The beautiful small car has marvelous and attractive body structure without gas tank and oil cabin, 100% electric, emits no CO2, impressive battery with warranty, confident and impressive drive, it has an 8 year/100,000 mile limited battery warranty. Its battery can charge in home with easy connection to home supply.

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The safety features of this small car are like the big one in the auto market and it presented with extraordinary capability for the drivers so they can drive it with full confidence. It has top world class six airbags with roof mounted curtain airbags; its RISE body gave it the extra protection and look to attract the viewers.


The Mitsubishi-I is favorable due to tax incentives, it is very hard to get an electric car but this brand change the dream into reality and now you can buy the beautiful electric car in $21,625.

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