2012 Renault Zoe Small Car Review

Woo! What a small car having the charming outlook and superb design in this cloud piece color, in the list of small cars of 2012 it is super car in the world which can not be forget and when you will drive it so it will prove that no one is better than it on the road in picking, low emission and speed. The most important in this model is its eye catching design which compels the viewers to buy and drive it. In the lot of charming and attractive cars it beats the big models due to fight against the circumstances of the world. If you want to get a small family car for enjoying so Renault Zoe is a brain stroke car which can save your time at the moment of heavy traffic it can run in small place.

Interior Features

The Renault Zoe is powered by electric motor that gives it 222/164 lb-ft of torque; it has 80 horsepower with comfortable climate control system, light therapy, and scent diffuser. It is homologated with a range of 210km, 100km in cold and 150km in temperate conditions, it has presented with new generative braking, a heat pump and Michelin Energy TM E-V tyres.  Its range is highest of the electric cars in mass production.

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Charging System

Its charging system is very favorable and you can charge it easily with in 6 to 8 hours. It has an opportunity to change and charge its batteries within 15 minutes in its stores which are providing services in few countries. It is the only electric car with the feature of Chameleon charger with the power level of 43Kw.


This vehicle the first car which came with the price of diesel engine, its price is different in different countries due to tax incentives. In France its price start from €15,700 with tax incentive of €5,000 deductive, in UK from £13,650 and in other countries where tax incentives are not available the price of Zoe is favorable.

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