2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Review

Buckle your seat belt and push the paddle and you will be in stealth mode this is what happens when one drives ford mustang, the car is a speed bomb and the super stylish design of its exterior gives far more reasoning to have Mustang GT. Though Ford is now renowned company throughout the World but which thing had given the company something extra fame, the answer is Ford GT Mustang so a brief introduction about its debut, it was 1964 when the production started but actual entitlement of launched year was 1965 and now this 2012 so this means 46 years had passed and today Mustang Shelby GT500 is one of the favored car, Mustangs arrival in the field made other big names not just disturbed but many got inspired too because of its performance and quality features and obviously it shape, the car was named Mustang by John Najjar who was executive stylist he was one who was involved in designing procedure at prototype stage.

Performance capability

This is the basic aspect of a car which really makes it distinguish and it’s been a long time that ford had been delivering a quality work the ford mustang GT the latest model is equipped with 5.0 liter four valve Ti-VCT V8 420 horse power engine which can generate 390lb. – ft torque .it is also equipped with twin independent variable camshaft a aluminum engine block and this allows clod air inflow and helps engine work far better and efficient and this gives compression ratio 11:1. 2013 Ford GT 500 cobra Shelby is having the most powerful v8 engine in the world, so the car is not just the car but a bullet it has the power, has the bite or in simple word a power punch of a boxer the ford mustang is sign of strength and dominance.

Exterior / Design / Shape

Lets began from the head lights, the new Mustang GT is equipped with standard hid head lights and two led strips that will stay on all day all night, the front and rear areas of mustang are also been redesigned and this time front grill is more prominent then before and more prominent splitter it also has grill bench on the hood which aids engine to exhale better, the shape is pure sporty style, long hood and a unique decklid spoiler ford is also offering customize wheels which is in accordance to the customer demand, another feature is a projected pony which is quite unique and new and the video demo could give a better view of this feature.

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Interior Styling

The inside view of any car is vital and Ford GT Mustang having delicate sporty interior its finishing is unmatchable, cockpit is mixture of outclass finest material, it is composed of soft one piece instrumental panel and leather wrapped steering wheel which gives feeling of softness and good grip on, three spokes steering wheel having aluminum styled accents plus shifter knobs. The seats are leather trimmed and of premium quality which gives max level of comfort, the speed meter is also fascinating its quite unique in style and speed dial demonstrates in miles per hour and obvious rpm meter and in the middle of both there is mode meter which aid user to select the mode in which way one wants to drive. The mustang is having another distinctive feature as well which is inside lighting system which changes on the mood of the user and this feature gives mustang GT an extra points. GT is also having the function of seat temperature adjustment system which keeps warm and comfortable.

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