2014 Lotus Elise S Cup R – Review

After astonishing the whole world with its sensational models, the 2014 Lotus Elise S Cup R model is ready to be one the production line with some of the most technical advancements of the automotive industry. The eye catching model of the car has been the outcome of the massive advancement in the field of technology and mechanical dynamics. The craftwork of the car illustrates the swift version with its formulated frame, cast in the racing concepts with the latest on-road flexibility for versatile city roads. The model is priced variably all over the globe depending upon the demand and supply of this limited edition car model. Let’s see what special it has to impress its fans.

Technical Statistics

With the advanced improvements in the minor details and the dynamics of the models, the 2014 Lotus Elise S Cup R is loaded with the extra interaction of the latest model engine type. This boosts the model to run swiftly over the road with thrilling power of 217 HP over just 6800 RPM. The model generates the max torque of 181 lbft with astonishing 162KW power range, rafting the vehicle at 250 NM at 4600 RPM. Astonishingly, the overall mass of the model has been just 900 KG, which makes it easy to accelerate to 100 KM/H within a matter of a few seconds. Running over such a complex and advanced technology, the model is not easy to be handled by a common man. Thus, for making it fit of all, the working of this awesome car is stabilized by the Engine Control Module (ECM). Its 6 speed manual gear transmission gives complete control in the hand of its driver for optimized utilization of its extreme speed and power.

2014 Lotus Elise S Cup R

Series Won By 2014 Lotus Elise S Cup R Model

The model has been a sensational star of many world famous series held in the UK. The Lotus Europe Cup, Lotus Cup UK, and Lotus Cup Italy are some of the most prominent names out of its winning list. However, it has also won the Elise Trophy and Lotus Cup Japan, along with a few others. This illustrates the powerful performance of the models in front of the world. After wining lots of cups in the first go, the model has been approved to be entered in the production class of 2014 Lotus Cup series.

2014 Lotus Elise S Cup R

Outstanding Features

The ultra outstanding features of this road run thrill have been a collection pack of the most advanced technology possible. Here is a list of some of the ultra advanced features that make it stand out of the crowd.

  • Highly Stunning Model with Ultra Aerodynamic Design
  • Rear Screen Made Up Of Polycarbonate
  • Quick Release Steering Wheel
  • Upgradable Brake Pad
  • 6-Point Race Harness
  • Complete Body Kit

This is not the complete list of such an amazing concept model. The whole model has been widely air conditioned and made fully ventilated to maintain freshness. The ultra lightweight motor wheels are the secret of its stunningly smooth drive over the highways without getting any remarkable wear and tear at such a high speed. Its Power Train is based upon the R900 Magnuson Supercharger with Eaton technology, managing everything in just 16 valves.

Fuel Technology

Such a superb model of the car has been a major sensation all around the world. Above all, its fuel technology is highly amusing. The model runs on the FIA fuel cell, thus, utilizing the ultimate power of Hydrogen as the fuel.

The overall reviews of this wonderful model are above any rating. Although, its lovers have given it all 5 stars, the experts restricted their rating with 4.6 stars, commenting further possibility of improvement from the technical aspect.

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