2020 Mercedes-AMG Project One will Beat the 2018 Bugatti Chiron

The Mercedes-AMG Project One has been standing out as truly newsworthy for over a year now. The German organization gradually discharged bits of data about the upcoming top speed supercar in 2018, however, come 2019, and we know a bit more about the specification. To say it just, it’s exceptional!

2020 mercedes-amg project one

The Project One draws juice from a 1.6-liter V-6 motor and an electrically supported turbocharger which is not enough for a supercar. But this motor is not an ordinary unit you may discover in a little Merc like the A-Class, however a Formula One plant taken from Lewis Hamilton’s race vehicle. This thing turns at paces of up to 11,000 rpm and sends 500hp to the back wheels.

Because it has a small electric motor to spin the turbocharger, it doesn’t suffer from turbo lag and feeds all the extra energy back into the system.

Project One will come with the output of 1,050hp. That is around 400 less than the Bugatti Chiron, one of the world’s most dominant supercars, But the Project One will convey more than the amazing McLaren Senna.

Project One will hit 124 mph in under six seconds that is faster than the Bugatti Chiron, that’s because of the body to weight ratio of Project One as the weight of this supercar is 3000 pounds less than the Bugatti Chiron.

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