6 Expert Tips For Waxing Your Car Like A Professional

Waxing a vehicle is a very important process to help keep it looking good. Not only does it make your car gleam, it also adds a layer of protection for the paintwork. Here are 6 tips to help you wax your car like the professionals at the detailing shops.

1. Give your car a good scrub down

Give-your-car-a-good-scrub-downIt is amazing how many people try to wax a car without washing it thoroughly. In order to get the best results, it is necessary to prepare the surface before applying a coat of wax. Give your car a good scrubbing down using soapy water and a soft sponge to get rid of any latent dirt or grime. Once the car is the wiped dry, it is ready to be waxed.

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2. Avoid working under direct sunlight

It is always best to avoid waxing your car under direct sunlight. You may think that it will help you see the difference immediately as you finish waxing different sections, but in reality, the sunlight will only cause the wax to dry out and harden quickly. Rather than a gleaming shine, you will be left with a dull-looking cakey residue. Always wax your car in the shade and away from direct sunlight. Also, avoid waxing your car if the surface of the bodywork is too hot or too cold.

3. Invest in good quality car wax

Even the best waxing technique can’t help you out if the car wax is of poor quality. It is very tempting to grab the cheapest car wax available in the automotive section of the department store. However, the results you will get will be far from satisfactory. Invest in some good quality car wax that will not only make your vehicle look good, but provide excellent protection against the elements.

4. Do not change your pattern when applying the wax

The best way to apply a layer of wax is to work your way front-to-back on the hood, roof and trunk. For the doors and side-panels, follow a top-down pattern. Once you start applying wax in a certain pattern, stick to it. This helps ensure that the layer of wax is evenly applied. Also, it helps if you break down larger parts into smaller sections.

5. Use microfiber cloths instead of your old t-shirt

Metallica is a terrific band. Sporting their t-shits is an equally awesome affair. However, the old, worn out t-shirts are no good when it comes to waxing a car. Buy a set of microfiber cloths that you intend to use exclusively for waxing vehicles. The cloths do a very effective job, while ensuring there is no chance of the bodywork getting damaged. When washing the microfiber cloths, add a little fabric softener and it will keep the cloths soft.

6. Grab a clean cloth for the final round of buffing

Always make sure you have at least two microfiber cloths at your disposal when waxing the car. You will need the second clean microfiber cloth for the final round of buffing. Most people simply use a buffing machine and are satisfied with the results. However, nothing makes the car shine like using your own hands and a microfiber cloth for the final buff.

Keep these 6 simple tips in mind and you are guaranteed excellent results the next time you wax the car.

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