Audi A2 electric concept car previewed

The Audi A2 concept is giving a beautiful model for four people in the market. The car has attractive size with matrix beam, dynamic lights and charming design. Audi is offering another electric car in 64th international motor show in Frankfurt. This brand is a classic, premium standard space concept  for four people. Audi A2 concept is a elegant powerful and sporty with dark clean glass roof. Audi is presenting LED technology with matrix beam in coming brand, that will be useful in fog.

This electric concept car has auto functions that control the car with gesture control system. During the drive and use dynamic light system the side marker light.

Every movement of this brand shows with the indication control system. A driver can know about each and everything about car sitting inside because in front side small lights show the movement of cars.

Audi A2 concept this model as space car that is full with dynamic and light system. A driver can easily know about any problem inside and outside during the drive.

The color, material and impressions of lights that used in this small and beautiful brand prove that Audi A2 concept car is a blend of power and space type car.

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