The New Honda Civic Launching in 2011 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show

The new Honda Civic is presenting tremendous and exclusive best new cars for the better enjoyment of customers. Honda Civic will show the C-segment cars in the latest European markets in early 2012.

These cars will with aerodynamic designs and prove the best example of refined atmosphere due to the air flowing over the top and sides. In the coming models in 2012 the combination of cars will be competed by the display of the CR-Z, the CR-V, the Jazz and the Accord.

New Honda Civic Features

  1. The new Civic cars have a different quality with a back door.
  2. The cars have an ability of fuel economy.
  3. It will be proved environmentally friendly cars.
  4. Honda EV Concept will be able to reduce the CO2.
  5. Due to its charming design EV Concept will make the riders able to choose these cars.
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