Keep Your Car Crumb-Free With These Car Vacuums

If you’re selling a vehicle and you want the best price for it, or even if you just prefer to complete your commute in a clean car, then vacuuming out the interior is an essential step. Not only is it tidier, but it also’s actually better for your health, prolongs the life of your carpets and upholstery and can even get you some more value come resale time.

Once you’ve grabbed yourself a car valuation and you know roughly what price you should be aiming to sell for, cleaning your car before you take photos for the classified advert is an essential step.

Best Car Vacuum Cleaners

best car vacuum cleaners
Image credit: Pexels

We’ve rounded up a few of the best car vacuum cleaners below, ideal for taking your interior from a crumb-strewn mess to a spotless paradise in a jiffy.

1. Karcher WD 2 Plus

This tough shop vac makes short work of crud inside and outside the car. It’s a real multipurpose champion – not only does it include accessories to clean your carpets and surfaces, but it’s also got a blower function which can clear the dust out of inaccessible areas.

It can even be used as a wet vac, which is ideal if your upholstery needs a deeper cleaning than just a vacuum can muster. And its standard-sized hose and wand combo mean that many of the tools you have for your standard household vacuum may fit, so you can supplement your toolkit for every eventuality. The only issue? It’s corded – so you’ll need a long extension cord or a parking spot close to your house.

2. Gtech Multi Mk2

This brightly coloured cordless vacuum is very versatile. It’s battery-powered and bagless, so free of any trailing cables and the only maintenance required is to regularly rinse the filters. You also get a motorised brush tool, which is ideal for getting stubborn dirt out of carpets or upholstery, plus a crevice tool that lives on board the machine and is therefore impossible to lose.

As a cordless machine, the Gtech is never going to be as powerful as a corded unit – and the runtime is only around 20 minutes so if your car is very dirty indeed then you might need to pause halfway through to recharge.

3. Hoover H-Free Energy

This is a more conventional cordless vacuum than the Gtech, coming with an extension wand and being firmly aimed at home use – but that doesn’t mean it’s not great in the car. Simply dispense with the extension and the Hoover’s base handheld is compact enough to get in all the nooks and crannies of a car interior.

It comes with a crevice tool and dusting attachment, while the motorised floor brush may be too big for most uses it makes short work of a boot floor or an interior mat. The 500 model comes with two batteries which give you 20 minutes of runtime each in standard mode, and there’s also a thirstier ‘turbo’ mode which is intended for difficult messes.

4. Worx Cubevac

The Cubevac runs off Worx swappable batteries – the same sort you’ll find in its power tools, so it’s perfect if you already own drills or other cordless products as you can just use your existing batteries. The vacuum itself isn’t hugely powerful but it’s versatile, with a built-in extendable hose which makes it much easier to get into tight gaps.

The two included tools, stored on the machine, which is really useful, and the crevice tool even extends to reach areas like in between the seats or down the side of trim parts. And emptying is done at the touch of a button.

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