Best Seat Covers for Soccer Families

If your kids play soccer, then you are probably used to them piling into your car at the end of a match and dragging mud, grass and other debris into your car. While it is understandable, the last thing you want is for your seats to prematurely degrade due to all the dirt landing directly on the seats. Luckily, there are plenty of seat covers manufactured with durability in mind.

Best Seat Covers for Soccer Families


Pleather seat covers provide all the advantages of leather covers plus some additional perks of their own. They offer excellent resistance against abrasions, so if your kids like to move around while in your car’s backseat, these covers will stand up amazingly. Some other benefits you can expect to get include:

  • Reinforced seams for added strength
  • Simple installation
  • Resistance against spills, natural fading and mildew
  • Foam backing for comfort

You can install pleather covers over any of the seats in your vehicle. You can put them in the back so that the children do not mess up your seats. You can also put them in the front, so you can take advantage of some extra comfort.



NeoSupreme seat covers were designed for people who lead active lifestyles. They are ideal for families who have little soccer players, but they are also great if you like to go camping, fishing or hiking once in a while. One great feature with NeoSupreme covers is that they are water-resistant. That means if your kids spill their water bottle after a soccer match, you will not have to worry about mildew. Ensure the longevity of your car’s seats with NeoSupreme.

Between practices and actual soccer games, there are a lot of times when your kids will climb into your vehicle completely dirty. Reliable seat covers, manufactured by professionals in the industry, will give you peace of mind. Your kids will probably enjoy them, too.