BMW i8 Concept Hybrid Electric New Sports Car

BMW  has presented  lot of brands with electric and hybrid features so it decided to present a wondrous, efficient electric hybrid car in the last year Frankfurt IAA motor show. In this international Frankfurt motor show BMW has lunched the BMW i8 concept hybrid electric new sports car with emotional dynamic, efficient and fuel economy features. It is most progressive innovative sports car of this century that has made according to the taste of customers. The main feature of BMW i8 has innovative plug-in hybrid concept that combines the modified electric drive system from BMW i3 concept.

It is fitted over its front axle with high performance three- cylinder combustion engine that produces 164 kw/220 hp and 300 nm at the back part. BMW i8 concept electric new sports cars fuel expenditure is favorable because its consumption of fuel is of small car but works like the fast sports car. It can run 100 km within 3 liter fuel.

The BMW architectures and designers have made this brand with all hybrid features that can be seen to observe it. The battery of BMW i8 has made with lithium that can be charged in home power supply. Its high capacity and powerful charger also charge the battery 80% within one hour. It can drive 35 km with the power of battery charging. Due to front axle the weight of this car remains in balance and its battery gives it the power like electric motor.

The beautiful and charming design makes it individual to other sports cars. The beaming and alluring stripes gives it the romantic, dynamic look. It is a ground design brand that showed and launched first time in European markets.

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BMW i8 Concept Features:

  1. BMW i8 is emotional, dynamic, efficient and fuel economic.
  2. It can be drive hundred kilometer within three liter fuel.
  3. It has innovative plug-in hybrid concept that combines the modified electric drive system.
  4. It has three-cylinder combustion engine that produces 164 kw / 220 hp and 300 NM at the back part.
  5. Its battery works like electric motor and can be charged with home supply.
  6. Powerful charging system that can drive it 35 km without fuel.
  7. It is first ground design vehicles that BMW presented in sports brand.
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