BMW Lemon Law Buyback Program Adds Security for Owners

BMW is one of the world’s oldest automakers and one of the most respected luxury and performance brands. BMW cars and SUVs are renowned for their reliability, performance, and comfort. Yet, some owners might experience problems with their respective BMW models.

As a way to protect against the occasional problem child among its many excellent models, the automaker is protecting owners with the BMW lemon law buyback program. It is akin to warranty protection but removes the problem altogether and gives former owners the ability to replace them with the makes and models of their choice.

bmw lemon law buyback program
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Common Problems with BMW Cars and SUVs

Consumer Reports says BMW models are among the best-rated for reliability, and BMW earned the top ranking among the magazine’s 2023 annual auto brand rankings. While the automaker enjoys generally stellar satisfaction and reliability scores, it does have some commonly recurring mechanical issues that might make yours a candidate for the BMW lemon law buyback program. The following is a closer look at some of the more common mechanical issues that might affect your BMW.

Air Conditioning Malfunctions

A luxury car or SUV should be very comfortable on short and long trips alike. Unfortunately, the AC systems in BMW models sometimes shut off after running for only a few seconds. Other times, the air conditioning might not work at all. Although the problem is relatively rare, it can be persistent with a defective compressor often causing the issue. BMW often fixes the problem by installing a new compressor while the vehicle is under warranty.

Oil Leaking from the Oil Filter

Something as simple as an oil filter gasket could cause your BMW to leak oil. A telltale sign is oil accumulation on or near the oil filter and oil drops or possibly even a small puddle beneath the oil pan. An oil change service that replaces the old filter and the defective gasket often cures the problem. Hopefully, the new gasket will not be among the defective ones that a parts supplier might have let slip by its quality control. Like all automakers, BMW relies on auto parts makers for many common items, like the oil filter gasket. Sometimes, those supplies are defective.

Cooling System Fails and Causes Overheating

Various BMW models might not cool the engine as it should. A defective water pump might stop the coolant from flowing, which could lead to engine overheating. An overheated engine might suffer significant mechanical failure. If that were to happen while your BMW is under warranty, there is an excellent chance that you could use the BMW lemon law buyback program to replace the vehicle.

Steering Wheel Vibrates

BMW is renowned for producing vehicles that perform and handle flawlessly. Unfortunately, a steering wheel vibration might develop that can be very unsettling for BMW owners. A vibrating steering system undermines confidence and might affect handling and safety. A recent supply chain disruption among BMW parts suppliers has made it more difficult for BMW to repair such problems quickly, so using the buyback program might be the best solution for some owners.

Regular Maintenance Could Help to Cure Defects

The odds are you really love driving your BMW. After all, you bought it for a reason beyond simply running errands and going to work. Abiding by the automaker’s recommended service intervals for various mechanical systems will help to identify and correct commonly or even uncommonly occurring mechanical issues and make the lemon law buyback program unnecessary.

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