Taking a Car for Rent During a Trip to Alicante

Alicante is a popular destination among tourists who love to relax, have fun, and party. This Spanish city is very easygoing, perfect for a summer vacation. There are many great beaches that are worth visiting, so it is best to rent a car after landing at the airport in Spain. Alicante has 330 days of sunshine per year; the water is crystal clear and warm. Alicante is mostly about calm and easy beach rest, but there are interesting museums to visit too. Many reasons to come to this place, so there is no time to hesitate. Travelers are welcome to learn more about this destination here.

taking a car for rent
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Coming to the airport in Alicante

After landing at the Alicante airport, it is best when the rented car is already booked, paid for, and is patiently waiting for a client to pick it up. A traveler can put all his/her belongings in a car and go straight to the hotel to have some rest, a cook drink, and some good food, like a salad and fresh grilled fish. Mmmmm, sounds good, doesn’t it? It would be helpful to know about a great option like car hire at Alicante airport with free additional driver. Not everyone would want to have an additional driver, but it is definitely a pleasant option to have. With a rented car, a traveler has more freedom to go wherever he/she wants to. One can check out this website for travel inspiration to Alicante.

Alicante–Elche Miguel Hernández Airport

The special thing about traveling is the unforgettable atmosphere of coming to a new airport for the first time. The airport in Alicante is the fifth largest airport in Spain (one can check out their official website); visitors can use its parking and can search for the best options for car hire Alicante airport. Hotels are also available for those who wish to have some rest. However, one can rent a hotel in Alicante city, further from the airport, and get there easily with a rented car.

The variety of car choices in Alicante

Many experienced travelers who visited Alicante more than once know that renting a car is a great choice. Many companies offer car rental services. However, a traveler has to carefully check them before choosing one. It is important to check the company’s policies, compare the prices and read customer reviews. In Alicante, the weather is most of the time great. There is almost no rain, and it is always warm. As a result, convertible cars are very popular among tourists in Alicante. Alicante cars for hire are various. There are expensive and more affordable options. Every person is able to find a car he/she would like.

Special options for tourists in Alicante

Tourists in Alicante definitely want to chill and relax to the fullest. It is a vacation, so no one wants extra stress or effort. Some even do not want to spend time driving, so there is an option for such people. Car hire with a driver! This option is great for people who do not have a driver’s license.

Traveling in Alicante by car

Alicante is definitely not a place where one should stay at one hotel and one beach during the whole trip. It is just too boring. There are many great attractions in Alicante so that the tourists can plan an active rest too. In Alicante, many great restaurants are 100% worth visiting. It is always more comfortable to get to places by car. Having air conditioning is a great plus, as the weather is super warm.

Some more recommendations for tourists

There are top locations in Alicante that most tourists attend. Below one can find a list of the attractions that should be visited when one is in Alicante. Great memories and pictures can be made there. So, the list is:

  • Castle of Santa Barbara – the fortress has medieval Arab origins. Best time to go on foot is early morning.
  • Archaeological Museum – a place to know more about Alicante’s origins.
  • Postiguet Beach – a place with golden sand and gentle waves.
  • Contemporary Art Museum – is a place for all art lovers.


Many reasons to start planning a trip to Alicante right now! This is a paradise on Earth, a place of the sun, fun, and relaxation. It is great for solo traveling, for couples, families, and friends too. Taking a car for rent in Alicante is a great option to be able to explore more.

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