Cadillac ELR is Most Efficient Car for 2014

Cadillac decided to get the success in energy efficiency and reliability with the presentation of its ELR model with Regen on Demand and interior features that give the opportunity to drivers to save the energy and efficiency. The driver can simply takes his or her foot off the accelerator and pulls back on either the left or right steering-wheel paddle to begin regenerating electricity with the help of paddle shifters. The Regen on Demand gives the vehicle deceleration during coasting, providing control and dynamic performance abilities like the downshifting.


This vehicle has function of pack supplies energy to an advanced electric drive unit which is capable of 295-lb-ft of instant torque, this vehicle deliver the range of about 56km of pure electric driving. It has standard 4-channel anti-lock braking system, electric Brake Force Distribution, Disc Brake System, front and solid rear Duralife rotors with Ferritic Nitro-Carburzing finishing technology that give the longer life. This vehicle can charge with 120V electricla station or a 240V charging station full battery within 4.5 hours.

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