2014 Chevrolet Impala Have Eye Catching Interior Features

There is normal activity that a tall and fat person wants to get the vehicle according to his body structure so she can drive easy so Chevrolet presented Impala model with the features of wide cabin and space with easy drive system. The features were unveiled at New York Auto Show and GM engineers used the latest high-tech tools including spaciousness calculator, digital human ergonomics models, 3-D virtual environment which through driver and back passengers can get more leg and head room and larger storage areas in this perfect model.


2014 Chevrolet Impala presented with two inches of driver legroom by increasing the range at front and fore adjustment for the front seat. Drivers can vary sizes to reach it comfortably at steering wheel opportunity, it has nearly 19 cubic feet of trunk space like the full size sedans and its fold down rear headrests and a thin profile rear center mounted LED brake lamp in the headliner with rear backup camera also available in the Impala model.


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