Nissan LEAF considered the best selling car in Norway and Nordic Countries

Nissan has got the fame due to its EV vehicles and there are few companies that participated in the race of EV models and made it part of technology like Nissan, Nissan LEAF got the fame due to its best sale in the Norway and Nordic Countries like Sweden, Finland and Denmark. This vehicle is world’s first mass production electric vehicle that taking 1.7 percent of all vehicle sales in 2012 in the full year sale, Norway has ability of zero emission mobility due to its millions of habitants are among the most environmentally aware to this logic.


Norway is the world’s first country that produces its 99 percent electricity with Hydroelectric plants so its habitants can use the electric vehicles easily because they have opportunity to get the services through quick chargers to allow EV drivers go out long journeys. The whole country provide easy service to get the EV chargers in any place with DC quick chargers and in 2013 they decided to installed more than 200 DC chargers across Norway and other nearest countries. These are the reasons which through the sale of Nissan LEAF are more than any other car in this country.

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