Supplies and Equipment Used in Car Detailing Services

Car Detailing Services

Periodic car detailing is one of the best things that owners can do for their vehicles. Doing this regularly will preserve and maintain the vehicles’ finish, which can save the car owner a lot of money in the long run. Regular car detailing Perth will also keep the vehicle in good condition, keeping the resale or trade-in value high. Periodic car detailing Perth also allows safe driving because it keeps windshields and signal lights clear and streak-free. Regular cleaning of the vehicle’s interior will keep it bacteria free, and will keep away bugs, dirt, and dust.

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These days, car detailing companies offer a huge array of services and packages. These services can get quite daunting and confusing for car owners, especially when they are restricted by time and budget. If you are a car owner, how do you choose a good car detailing Perth service that will not compromise quality and will be thorough and sufficient to meet your vehicle’s needs?

A reputable car detailing Perth company should have these supplies and equipment on hand:

Exterior Detailing Supplies and Equipment

Having the right exterior car detailing Perth supplies and equipment is very important. First off, specialty cleaning agents, specifically formulated for a vehicle’s exterior, should be used. A basic cleaning formulation should be able to remove surface particles, and along with a soft brush, it could remove contaminants without scratching the paint off your car. After dirt surface removal, a detail clay bar should be used in order to remove threats to contamination such as tar, acid rain, and animal droppings.

Other essential products are specific polishing cloths, products to clean rubber seals and moldings, a special chrome, aluminum and stainless steel polish, a window glass cleaner, and tire cleaning and protection.

If all these supplies and equipment are present, then you can be sure that your car will get a thorough exterior detailing service.

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Interior Detailing Supplies and Equipment

For interior car detailing Perth, the supplies are simple and straightforward.  First off, the detailing establishment should have a car vacuum in order to siphon off unwanted debris and dirt in your vehicle.  An upholstery cleaner is also important, and they should be able to have specific cleaners for vinyl, cloth, or leather upholstery.  It shouldn’t just be generic upholstery cleaner, since specific fabrics require specific products.  Along with the cleaner, special upholstery protectors should also be used.

Special cloths and brushes designed for hard-to-reach places and regular surfaces of a car’s interior should be used.  In order to clean the carpet, special cleaning products, including a stain remover is used. A hard, bristled brush is used for removing dirt from floor mats.

The dashboard and steering wheel should have special products for cleaning and protection, since they are the parts of the car that will most likely be exposed to the sun.

Any good car detailing Perth service provider has these tools and equipment for car interiors.

Engine Detailing Supplies and Equipment

A clean engine is essential in order for your vehicle to run smoothly.  Having periodic engine detail is important.
Here are some basic supplies and equipment that car owners should watch out for when they want to avail of engine detailing services.

In order to thoroughly remove engine debris, an air compressor is used.  A water-based engine compartment cleaner and engine degreaser should also be used. In order to clean little crevices in the engine, a small detail brushed is used, while a long-handed brush is used for heavy soil.

A protectant spray should be applied on rubber hoses and plastic parts.  The aluminum parts of the engine should be applied and protected with polish and sealant.

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