Car Parts You Should Check Regularly – Important Things

Owning a car does not only mean cruising around at high speeds, a good driver will also keep their car well maintained as the saying goes “Some men take good care of a car; others treat it like one of the family”(Evan Esar). Most of the drivers wait till their car shows a problem and then take it for repairs. Surely, it is not a good practise and you should always take preventive measures to keep your ride in top notch condition. Regular maintenance will not just keep your car in a good shape but can save money on future repairs too.


Basic car parts such as oil filter, air filter, carburettor and fuel filter are a few things which every driver should know how to check at home instead of going to car experts and spend money on them. We will talk about some essential car parts which every driver should regularly check to make sure their ride is in a good position.

1)   Car Battery

Most of the car batteries remain good up to 5 years after which they start giving problems. If the battery goes dead your car won’t start. However, if you regularly clean the terminals with a battery cleaning brush, it may help increasing its life. A jump starter can be bought and kept in the back of the trunk too, as it can come handy. Purchase a new car battery can be around $50 to $150.

2)   Fuel Filter

Fuel filter can be found where the gas tank connects the fuel line. Its main function is to filter the gasoline before it reaches fuel injectors. A dirty fuel filter will not allow the engine to run effectively. It is recommended to have the fuel filter replaced every 2 years from the experts rather than doing it yourself. A fuel filter can cost you maximum $10 excluding the installation charges.

3)   Oil Filter

An oil filter works the same way as a fuel filter, but replacing it entirely depends on the condition of the car. But since a fraction of engine oil remains in the filter when you drain it out, it’s recommended to change the filter when you are getting an oil change. You can get an oil filter replaced for about $20 to $50.

4)   Tires

Tires should be replaced after every five or six years depending on their condition. If you avoid driving your car on rough terrains, they will last longer. Inspect your tires thoroughly for any cracks on the rubber, if they are worn out, they will not provide a good grip on the road. New set of tires can cost somewhat between $50 and $300.

5)   Spark Plug

The ignition between air and fuel mixture in the engine is caused by this little module called the spark plug. You can tell the spark plug is damaged, if: your car doesn’t start properly in the morning and sound of the engine is rough. An average spark plug can cost you between $30 and $80.

6)   Window Wiper

Most people don’t consider this a significant issue, but it is very important to keep the windshield wipers maintained. A broken or rough window wiper causes visibility issues in rain or snowfall, which can lead to car accidents. To check if your wipers work well, inspect their rubbers to see if they have any cracks. Spray water or wiper fluid and turn on the wiper to see if it makes a complete arc on the windshield, if not, you need to buy a new set of wiper blades. They usually cost around $10 to $30 per blade.

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