Consider to Some Points About Vehicle Maintenance

When a new vehicle is purchased or leased, a maintenance guidebook is usually handed out to the owners. This resource is used to follow a scheduled interval of services that are needed to keep a new car running in excellent condition. The most common type of service that is done on new and used automobiles is an oil change. In this process, motor oil is drained and the oil filter is replaced. The grade of motor oil used depends on the local climate in which a vehicle is driven in. A certified technician can recommend the best type of synthetic or conventional motor oil along with a specific viscosity that is best suitable to resist certain temperature ranges.

Vehicle Maintenance

Image credit: USAG- Humphreys

Auto makers also encourage their customers to follow other essential maintenance. For example, tire rotations are often done along with wheel alignment in order to distribute the wear and tear of the tread. Vehicles with front wheel drive need to have multiple tire rotations per year. Digital technology is used to precisely align and balance all four wheels of a car that has had tire rotations or replacements. A Pittsburgh wheel alignment and other auto services are examples of essential maintenance procedures for vehicles in western Pennsylvania.

The various fluids of a car must also be monitored, topped off or replaced accordingly. For example, power steering and brake fluid should be replaced about every two years. The coolant can also be completely drained out and refilled in order to compensate for weather conditions. Of course, the windshield washer reservoir often gets depleted very fast. Drivers can expect auto service technicians to include free refills of washer fluid along with the addition of anti freeze into the coolant reservoir.

During a routine service, an auto mechanic may also perform a quick multi-point inspection in order to detect any problems. The battery under the hood is usually checked for proper function. Acidic wear and tear can cause car batteries to malfunction. Therefore, the terminals may have to be covered with special insulated protectors to keep any reactions from occurring and destroying the battery components.

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