Cut The Cost of Your Motorbike Insurance with These Five Steps

cut the cost of your motorbike insurance
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As with any day-to-day cost, it makes sense for motorcyclists to reduce their bike costs as much as possible. While maintenance and fuel can certainly burn a hole in the pocket, insurance – particularly for young riders – can really add up. Thankfully, there are loads of things that riders can do to cut the cost of their motorbike insurance. Here are five simple steps to doing so.

Adapt your cover

Some riders won’t need as much cover as others. If you don’t have lots of accessories on your bike, then you won’t benefit from a policy that includes accessories cover. If you don’t head out on long trips, then trip interruption insurance won’t be for you. Leading motorcycle insurers offer plenty of different grades of cover, so it makes sense to only buy policies covering your exact needs.

Get training

Yes, you may have passed your CBT, but there’s plenty more training out there you can get stuck into – many of which are recognized by motorcycle insurers who look kindly on safer riders. By investing in advanced motorcycling courses by the likes of ROSPA and BikeSafe, you can learn how to ride better, keeping yourself, your bike, and other road users safe, as well as reducing your biking costs.

Choose the right bike

Many motorcycle insurers adapt the price of their policies to the bikes being covered: big, hefty Harleys and nimble superbikes are more expensive to repair, so their premiums cost more. That means if you’re looking to reduce the cost of your motorcycle insurance, think about downsizing your bike or simply starting out with a smaller cc. Your wallet will thank you later.

Increase your deductible

As with any insurance product, if you choose a policy with a higher deductible to pay, your monthly premiums will be reduced in kind. This can be a good choice for riders that don’t speed and are particularly road-aware, but if you have a history of bumps and scrapes, the higher premium can be a better price to pay if you regularly claim.

Reduce your use

Some insurers will charge more for policies if you clock up a greater number of miles on the saddle – a rider who covers a long distance will be more at risk from collisions and other dangers, after all. If you’re a Sunday rider who only enjoys taking the bike out for short, relaxing weekend stints, then consider looking for one of these policies as they can help you reduce your costs.

How have you gone about reducing your motorcycle insurance costs? Let us know your top tricks to deal with insurers in the comments section below.

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