Downtrodden Ferrari 458 Spider Seeks Salvation

Watching a luxury car in the tormented condition is a hard sight for car enthusiasts. Recently, we found a white colored wrecked up Ferrari 458 Spider with severe frontal damage. Presumably, it would have hit another car straight and is now waiting to be repaired in an open lot at RDB LA Collision center.

Wrecked Ferrari 458 Spider

This is not the new entrant at RDB LA Collision repair; it encounters sabotaged or dashed expensive cars every other day. The repair center also witness high-end vehicles such as quashed Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren and lovely two-tone satin Rolls-Royce trashed into its own debris. Thanks to their repair services, these automobiles can be saved, which otherwise would end up in cemeteries. Apart from that, the RDB LA also customizes interiors, do car paints (including a matte job), glass tinting and advanced upgrades and tune-ups. Their technicians are certified professionals, running PPG certified service station.

Ferrari 458 Spider Seeks Salvation

Looking precious cars ruined like this isn’t a daily spectacle, but some people enjoy blood orgy of car destruction that some websites are keeping the archive. Hopefully, the Ferrari 458 Spider will be restored to its previous form after the makeover.

Ferrari 458 Spider

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