What Happens If You Drive Around With No Insurance?

In most countries, it is compulsory to have valid insurance cover when you drive a car on public roads. The idea behind such policies is that they will pay out for any damage to third party vehicles and injuries to their occupants. Comprehensive policies will also cover the cost of repairs to your car too.

From the moment we take driving lessons to the time we drive on our own, we’re told that we must have car insurance in place before we hit the road. But what happens if we drive without any insurance?

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Driving licence endorsements and fines

In many places, it is illegal to drive a car without insurance. If you get caught by the police, you will usually receive penalty points on your driving licence. You will also receive a fine. The severity of the points and fine you get will depend on the circumstances.

For example, let’s say that you got pulled over and were otherwise not committing an offence. The consequences won’t be as bad as if you were caught following a collision with other motorists or pedestrians!

Future car insurance premiums will be expensive

One of the things that car insurers will ask is whether you have got any endorsements on your driving licence. As soon as you tell them that you do, and why you received them, you can expect your premiums to skyrocket!

And don’t think you can lie and say you’ve got a clean driving licence. Insurers are now able to check with the authorities via a live Internet database check. So if you’re fortunate enough to be able to afford a car like the GT86 from Inchcape Toyota, then remember, insurance premiums maybe high in the future, especially if you don’t have a clean license.

You affect your chances of getting a good job

Some jobs require workers to travel off-site sometimes. That involves travelling by car and in a company vehicle or hire car. At the application or interview stage, your prospective future employer will ask you if you’ve got a clean licence.

If you tell them you don’t, they are seldom likely to consider you for the job. That means you’ll have to stay in your crummy old job for longer!

Friends and family won’t trust you with their cars

Let’s say that you need to borrow a car that’s owned by a family member or friend. They will think twice about lending you their car. Why? It’s simple. You got caught driving without insurance and got punished by the law.

Your friends and family will assume you won’t arrange temporary insurance cover to drive their car. As you can see, that’s why they will be reluctant to let you behind the wheel of their vehicles!

You’ll have to spend the next five years using public transport

The thing about public transport is that, in some areas, it’s unreliable. If you need to use it because you broke the law, you’ll hate yourself for the next five years. It’s only after that period that you can wipe the slate clean and start again, so to speak.

So, to summarise: don’t drive without insurance!

Rugal has spent most of his life in, around and under cars, from a childhood filled with Matchbox cars to bloodied knuckles as an ASE-certified mechanic and, since 2006, as an automotive journalist.