The New $1,200,000 Mercedes Cigarette Boat Boasts 3,100 HP

The yearlong collaboration between Mercedes AMG and Cigarette Racing has finally yielded. The Cigarette Racing 50 Marauder GT S Concept is a powerful sea-horse that will wipe out any competitor standing in its path; you only need $1,200,000 to hold its rein.

Mercedes AMG

Dressed in ethereal matte black and yellow paint, the racing boat encases two mighty 1,550 hp engines, fitted to its rear compartment that produce a combined force of 3,100 horsepower, which literally gives the boat power of a jet fighter. It comes from the makers that have been steaming up the road rage for companies like Lotus and Corvette. Of course, Mercury Marine is a name that is cherished with respect, when it comes to providing explosive engine power. The Top speed is anticipated to swing around 135 mph, but it has not been tested with full throttle.

Marauder GT S Concept

It is interesting that even with such heavy configuration, the Cigarette Racing engineers have managed to keep it lightweight, because we are assuming bulks of load. So, congrats to team behind Marauder’s manufacturing, the 50 foot long boat is incredibly 1,000 pounds lighter than any boat of similar specification. The boat also features computerized controls, HD displays and Bluetooth connectivity and navigation and audio systems.

New Sports Car

Mercedes AMG, no doubt, has a great hand in the construction of Marauder, which as the part of bargain with Cigarette Racing will match its theme to upcoming AMG GT S – a next generation 503 hp sports car, just waiting to be unleashed.

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