Lexus Holding Back the Reins of its Next Supercar

Lexus has remained silent on its plans to bring up the heir of LFA. There is no clarification about delay, but in the last update forwarded by the executive vice president of Lexus International, the car is not going to see its day anytime soon.

Lexus LFA Supercar

The bespoke Lexus LFA made a pretty bold run after its arrival back in 2010, wearing an expensive tag of $375,000. It had a good impression but the price continued to be a subject of debate. However, the production run comprising 500 LFAs was entirely sold within two years, when it was discontinued in December 2012.

New LFA Supercar

The 552-hp V-10 LFA is a proud Lexus expression of its standards. Toyota is going to feature black-and-white LFA to compete in 2015 Nurburgring 24-hour endurance race, led by Gazoo Racing team.

For some reason, the company is hesitating to go into mainstream of supercars; perhaps this is because the company is focusing on its F Sport tuner packages and F-series high-performance variants. The second clause seems more plausible because Lexus is famous to offer reputed vehicles that never let down its customers. The delay can be explained as part of their strategy to work in background and ride it out when their next generation car is prepared to face the world.

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