Electric Vehicle Top Trends for 2021

The demand for electric vehicles has steadily increased in the last five years. With major investments and innovations being made in the electric vehicle industry both the availability and the range of electric vehicles is set to increase in 2021. The trends for electric vehicles in 2021 meet the demands of both consumers and businesses. The list below outlines the top five trends for electric vehicles in 2021.

electric vehicle trends
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Increases in Battery Power

One of the biggest trends for electric vehicles for 2021 is the increase in battery power. A new electric car company developed a battery that offers 517 miles on one single charge. Electric car companies are increasingly moving away from cobalt dependant batteries towards more nickel-based systems. These nickel-based batteries provide higher energy density, which means that they can run for much longer without needing to be charged. This technology is also less expensive than the traditionally used cobalt-based systems.


Over the past few years, electric vehicles were spearheaded by luxury vehicles produced by new companies. It will come as no surprise that these luxury vehicles come with a price tag to match. This trend for luxury electric cars is being overtaken in 2021 by the trend for affordability. This increase in the production of affordable electric cars is motivated by a range of factors. Firstly, evolutions in technology mean that producers can develop electric cars for a reduced cost. Secondly, the increase in consumer focus towards sustainability means that there is a higher demand for electric cars at a range price tags. Alongside the affordability of electric cars comes an increase in the range of models. Electric sports cars are being produced at a lower cost, including one and two-seater models.

Electric Vans

Previously electric vehicle developers were focused on producing vehicles for consumers namely, producing electric cars. However, as the demand for electric vehicles continues to grow in 2021 the production of vehicles is set to expand. 2021 is set to see an increase in the production of electric vans. As businesses across the world are trying to reduce their carbon footprints electric vans are becoming a viable alternative to gas-powered vehicles. It is not only electric vehicle companies that are developing electric vans but traditional van manufacturers are starting to develop new electric models too.

Electric Buses

The expansion of the electric vehicle industry does not only apply to the development of electric vans, electric buses are becoming popular too. Electric buses are slowly set to replace traditional gas-powered buses in 2021 and in years to come. As governments pledge to reduce carbon emissions, the introduction of more electric buses is a very practical solution.

Increase in the Availability of Charging Points

The popularity of electric cars is booming, with more people set to purchase an electric current in 2021 than ever before. Government and local authorities are responding to this increase in demand by increasing the number of electric charging facilities available. However, it is not only local authorities that are meeting businesses’ demand for charging stations. It is now not uncommon for businesses to offer parking spaces for electric cars. Some businesses are also offering their shoppers free charging stations at their businesses.

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