Motorcycling For The Family

The family that plays together stays together, but what if what you really enjoy is getting out on two wheels and enjoying the open air. This is not a problem when you are just a couple, but how do you involve your children in the lifestyle? Obviously, there will be a period where a child is just too young to be on a motorcycle, but you would be surprised how easily they take to it once they are competent at riding a bicycle. If you get them the right equipment and you stay involved, you will see that kids love motorcycling. And they will love to do it with you, maybe even more than playing with their phones.

motorcycling for the family

1. Equipment:

It is very important that you make safety a priority when you teach your kids about the sport. The more serious you are about it the more they will follow your lead. Everything will be off-road until they can get a license, so you should be looking into motocross gear. Research what the latest products are on the web or drop into Wheels Motorcycles in Leicester to see the selection of safety gear for kids. When you get it all together, teach them how to wear it right. Motorcycle gear is cool, so you can be sure they will like getting suited up.

2. Motorcycle

The type of motorcycle you choose will depend upon how tall your child is. Make sure they can get their feet down enough to be solidly planted when standing still. There are a lot of small bikes made for kids. The most common being the 50cc dirt bikes, but these days there are also some electric options, you must remember though that some of these are more toy than vehicle and they will soon disappoint once they are tried in the field. Get a bike that is built to take some abuse and will ride and perform like a bigger bike. Though you should try to keep the horsepower down. Some of the 2 stroke bikes, despite being small displacement, are too powerful for beginners.

3. Teach the Basics

Like every sport, when there is good instruction in the foundations, your child will develop advanced skills more quickly and easily. This is important because it is your skill level that keeps you safe. Start out in a flat field and mark out a track. Make them stay to track while making it more and more difficult. Of course, there is the UK driving license requirements, which you will have to obtain. Soon you will see them attacking the course with great enthusiasm. And then you will know it is time to hit some real trails and have some family fun.

If you want to keep up your child’s interest in the sport you might want to try competitive riding. Who knows, you might have a future star in the family. But the main thing is to get to where you can all ride together, go on weekend outings, and have some shared experiences. Motorcycling together is wholesome outdoor fun that you can share together long after your kids have grown.

Jasper has been an enthusiast of the automotive and IT industries since the age of 16. He independently writes on the auto industry's recent happenings.