Preparing An Epic Road Trip Made Easy

If you love driving, then taking a once-in-a-lifetime road trip will rank very highly on your personal bucket list.

Whether it’s driving the length of Route 66, or taking one of North America’s other great journeys doesn’t matter. The key is that you plan for the journey. As long as you give the preparations the attention they deserve, you should be just fine.

How to Plan an Epic Road Trip

Here’s everything you need to know for ensuring it lives up to your expectations.

Invest In A RV

The first step to preparing your epic road trip is acquiring the right set of wheels. Quite frankly, there is only one way to go: RV, RV, RV.


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Motorhomes from St. Louis RV will provide your party with the ultimate comfort while you travel. Meanwhile, driving one of these beauties is something that all driving enthusiasts will enjoy. Moreover, the amount of money you’ll save by not staying in hotel rooms will make a huge reduction in the cost of the trip.

Ok, you’ll need to spend money on the vehicle, but this is an investment that will serve you time and time again. As long as you use it effectively, you’ll save plenty of money over the years.

Plan An Itinerary

Picking a basic trip idea is one thing, but scheduling the trip itself is an entirely new challenge altogether. While a little spontaneity never hurt anyone, you should be eager to organise a rough day-to-day guide.

Think about each day and what activities you wish to achieve. It would be a shame to drive through any particular landmark due to a lack of research. Meanwhile, planning the trip properly will ensure that you get to see and experience all the things you set out to.

This is a vital aspect of the trip, do not underestimate its importance.


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Prepare The Motorhome

Investing in the right vehicle will certainly boost your chances of a successful trip. However, no motorhome is perfect without a little personalisation. Making sure you take those necessary precautions is a must.

Adding those homely comforts is one of the main attractions of having a motorhome, so you should be sure to take advantage of this blessing. Before departure, you should also check you’ve got the best tires and topped up your vehicle fluid levels. It’s unlikely to be an issue if you’ve only just purchased the RV, but it is something worth noting.

With the motorhome ready, and a schedule to follow, it should be your greatest road trip ever.

Embrace The Adventure

As an avid driver, you’ll probably enjoy the driving side of things anyway. But the main purpose of the trip is to embrace new things.

While you’ll already have your plan of action, try to encourage more fun by cutting down on your reliance of technology*. Meanwhile, don’t be afraid to come slightly off plan if you see something of interest. After all some of the weird and wonderful things you’ll see will prove to be the most memorable part of the trip. As long as you end each night where you plan to be, you shouldn’t encounter any issues.

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