Esquire names 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT as ‘SUV of the Year’

Impressive performance and luxury wrapped in a muscular and stylish exterior are what the CEO of SRT of the Chrysler Group LLC claimed the 2014 Cherokee SRT is all about. Esquire magazine’s editors seem to agree. That is why they have named the 2014 Jeep Cherokee SRT as the SUV of the Year in the 2013 Esquire Car Awards.

The editors went for test runs on numerous vehicles as part of the decision-making process. The vehicle they were looking for should be ‘all-new, appealing to Esquire readers, stylish, a good value and most importantly, a vehicle you want to drive.’ They came up with the Cherokee SRT as the winner, dubbing it as the ‘sweetest-sounding most reasonably priced engine note of our time’ by the editor-in-chief.

Chrysler’s Group SRT (Street and Racing Technology) saw the award as another distinction that sets them apart from their competitors, attracting consumers with their ‘unique blend of value, technology, power, and character’. This success can be attributed to the new technologies introduced in the new SRT brand with exterior and interior styling that demonstrates even more power. The parts used in this car are the key factor of its hype and you should use the Genuine Mopar parts to maintain the performance of this car. Avoid using after-market parts as they can reduce the performance of your car.

Torque of (630 Nm) at 4,300 rpm takes the already bolstered towing performance to 7,200 pounds – a 44-percent improvement over the 5,000-lb. towing capacity of the previous model. The improved transmission is attached to the strong 6.4-liter HEMI V-8 with Fuel Saver Technology which delivers 470 horsepower (351 kW) at 6,000 rpm and 465 lb.-ft.

There are a number of enhancements on the award winning model that bolster the enjoyable factor of the Grand Cherokee SRT. This, in addition to even more sports styling on the exterior, makes one wonder whether it is finally the perfect vehicle from Chrysler.

Perfect or not, it is no doubt deserving of even more awards and laurels.

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