Exhausted Your Car Repair Fund? Nifty Tips To Keep Your Car Running

It’s not difficult to understand, but when you have a car you need to manage the upkeep. Cars are a luxury, but for a lot of people they’re also an essential. Some jobs rely on drivers to keep their business going – think long-haul deliveries and transportation. Having money saved for a rainy day is a smart idea, but if you have had the car in the garage being repaired more often than expected, those emergency savings can deplete pretty quickly. Prevention is always better than heading for repairs, but sometimes all the prevention in the world doesn’t help.

Exhausted Your Car Repair Fund
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Unfortunately, a car isn’t one of those things that can simply wait when it breaks down, especially if you use it for commuting to work. Being told that you should have saved your cash is not going to be a helpful response! You don’t always need to have savings, but you should try to keep a pot of money aside for this very reason. It’s not always possible, and luckily for you, there are always options if you need to get your car fixed.


  • Some services are covered by your insurance company when you’re in a pinch. Roadside assistance, for example, is one of the ways you can still get your car sorted when it breaks down. Your credit card company should also have some coverage for emergency road assistance so always check what benefits are available for you.


  • If the car battery or tires are worn out to the point you cannot run your car safely, it may be a good idea to look at companies like Loan Center, who can offer you some assistance on your car repairs. It’s a great option when you’re about to face wintry roads with less than ideal tires on your car, as long as you ensure you can repair what you borrow in good time.

Deal Hunting

  • Getting your car fixed quickly and cheaply is the overall goal, but that doesn’t mean you have to go to one garage and get it fixed based on one quote. Shop around for your repairs, as you may find that personal recommendations from people that you know is a better idea than going from place to place to get a quote.

Credit Card

  • We mentioned earlier about credit card companies offering repairs on your car, so it may make sense for you to put your car repairs on your credit cards. Paying interest may be worth getting back on the road as soon as you can.

Payment Plans

  • There are some auto shops that offer payment plans on repairs. If you are in urgent need of repairs, shop around for a store that will offer you the chance to pay things back bit by bit. You could also barter your services in part exchange – especially if you work in a company that does marketing. Free marketing goes down well so you could negotiate that way.

Getting your car on the road fast is important, but don’t lax on safety over speed! Take your time and shop around for the best deal!

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