Ferrari gets ahead of time with its 2014 power unit

Ferrari, the official partner of the Formula 1 race, has been on the list of the top 10 fastest cars of the world ever since its launch. This Italian beast keeps amazing its followers every now and then with new and smart cars. Integration of the latest technology and use of the best quality spare parts has always been the characteristic of this automobile company that have made it a class-apart. The latest in line of launches made by it is the new Powertrain that will be used in 2014 F1 race and would run on V6 turbo engine.

Features of the new car

The work on this complex project started 2 years back and it is now that the engineers and experts have met with success and the end-result is just amazing. Some of the special things about this powerful engine are-

2014 power unit

  1. Being a 1600cc turbocharged internal combustion engine, it uses only 100 L of fuel for a race which is a big feet in itself.
  2. In addition to the turbocharger, the car will also have an electric motor that would work on recovering energy from exhaust gases thereby giving maximum efficiency and minimum wastage.
  3. The electronic control system would now be improved, advanced and more sophisticated thereby giving a better control on the new as well as old electro-mechanical devices and giving riders an all new experience of riding this stunning beauty.
  4. With the integration of new technology, Ferrari has become the only unit after Mercedes to produce both chassis and power unit altogether which is a historical step. The next challenging step is the installation of the power unit in the car’s chassis.

The power unit is one of the ambitious projects of the Italian automotive manufacturers and they have decided that the name of this new car would be chosen by the fans around the world by an online poll to be conducted soon.

Rugal has spent most of his life in, around and under cars, from a childhood filled with Matchbox cars to bloodied knuckles as an ASE-certified mechanic and, since 2006, as an automotive journalist.