Ford in Line of Eco Boost

Ford C-MAX Hybrid

WASHINGTON 26TH the company discloses that they successfully achieved the desire sales target in year 2011 and it was accomplished due to their fuel efficient technology in engine though its transparent that travelling cost has risen too high and due to which manufacturer are having difficulties in attaining their targeted profits but innovation is the key element which really creates the difference and give new hope so  this time company expertise has developed a new triple boost Eco engine for their product which could give 3 times better mileage then before.

As a matter of fact Ford is renowned company and having goodwill but to maintain their worth company is not just seeking their on profits but comfort to the users as well. So what is new ? Ford is offering 20 percent more fuel efficient 1600 cc engine along turbo charging and direct fuel injection to give intended user level of power they want additionally the Ford is offering Eco boost powered police interceptor for 2012 it is first turbo charged law enforcer vehicle officially and by the end of 2012 the products would be on road. Fords electrified vehicle portfolio will expands this year with introduction of new Series C Max Hybrid, Fusion Hybrid and electric battery powered car.

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