BMW innovative ActiveHybrid 5

BMW well recognized car manufacturers quite old in the field and renowned ones having vast classification of their products and known as leader in this industry had encompass a new BMW ActiveHybrid 5, though BMW having vast classification of models but significantly this time BMW 5 series had been deployed with hybrid technology as an essentiality and specially for those BMW lovers its great news. Personally I am 5 series lover its shape is designed in such  a way that no one dislikes it.

The enhancement in technology is the answer to the current and future oil shortfall as oil is at the verge of depletion so Innovation of ActiveHybrid 5 demonstrate that it is empowered with dual fueling, electricity fueling and gas (petrol) fueling. let get deep into its features, ActiveHybrid 5 in accordance to acceleration point of view is awesome and up to speed of 60km/hr car travels on electric power and which is fully eco friendly mode and produces zero emission the source of electric power is equipped of lithium-ion high voltage battery which can easily store adequate amount of energy to give supply for four kilometer or approx two and half miles distance.

As per demand of the driver cars internal combustion commenced it means petrol engine starts where user requires more power automatically and electric motor provides a boost function to the engine when accelerating. Max power generated could be achieved is up to 250kw/340hp and torque of 450 at max and through this power car can attain 0 to 100 just within 5.9 sec.

The car is having twin power turbo 6 cylinder power pack engine along motor fully integrated eight speed automatic transmission and reliable dynamic controls better than before. The new BMW ActiveHybrid 5 would be launched in the mid of spring season 2012.

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