The MINI Roadster a jack pot

BMW MINI Roadster a real icing on cake is very first in the model with opening top and specifically two seater small car which is highly rich in features ,its not only a small car but it is designed and constructed in a way which satisfies users pleasure ride and for specially those who loves to ride with open top and top which is so soft indeed quite easy to open or close in a nick of time. Car with open top lesser in weight gives ultimate driving fun and mini roadster is built for the kill ,car having durable chassis and powerful but fuel efficient engine can run too fast and gives optimum result in the end.

If anyone think that car is small and cannot run fast that’s wrong perception because the engine wise the car is outstanding  and it is equipped with four cylinder twin turbo technology which is most powerful petrol and diesel engine in the mini field and two seater concept also having storage capacity which is unusual at the back of two front seats and 240-litre luggage area. There are four classification in engine field it would be optional and depends upon the choice of customer.

The interior is encompassed in such a unique style which attracts everyone its vibrant and done so nicely and speaks itself, three spoke stearing wheel and rmp meter in the front and in the mid of dashboard there is big speedometer displaying in a analogue style and car is deployed with high speed sensitivity appraisal tool which is operated on stearing, an obvious air conditioning system , audio system(Harman kardon hi fi loudspeaker)  , navigational system , rss news feeds , mission control system and in car use of face book and twitter.

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