Hilarious Ways To Have Fun With A Junk Car

Fun With A Junk Car

Destruction Derby was arguably one of the best racing games to ever come out on the Playstation. You got to drive your old banger racing car at breakneck speeds, smashing it up as you went around the race track.

But what about in real life? How can we have fun with our junk cars outside of the imaginary world of computer games?

Junk Car
Image by Paul L Dineen

Smash It

Have you ever wanted to just grab a baseball bat and smash the living daylights out of a car that has caused you nothing but misery? Well, once your vehicle has officially gained junk status, you can. Grab the tool of your choice and indulge yourself in some smash therapy. Feel free to emulate John Cleese in Fawlty Towers, where he grabs the branch of a nearby tree and starts smashing his old Mini because it refuses to start.

Turn Your Car Into A Fort

If your junk car refuses to move or start, it’s not necessarily the end of the line: you could turn it into a fort. In fact, there are dozens of creative ideas out there for how to turn an old car into somewhere that the kids can play. People have turned their old cars into everything from garden sheds to castles complete with solar panels and battlements.

Go Redneck Drifting

If your old car still starts up, you can have some serious fun doing donuts. I’m not talking about the sugared variety: I’m talking about the type that makes screeching noises and lets off billows of burning smoke in their wake.

All that time you were a responsible car owner, you dreamed of being able to shred the types in one giant fit of rage. Well, now you can. And what’s more, some people will still buy junk cars, no matter what the condition, so go for it. Stay safe though.

Make It Into A Work Of Art

Amarillo, Texas, is an unusual place. One of the things that make it so unique is the nearby Cadillac Ranch. This is essentially a public art exhibition, comprised entirely out of junk cars covered in paint. According to the people who run the site, the cars are the most painted in the world, and people are free to write their names on the surface of the cars, do little doodles, and generally have as much fun as they like.

Make It Into A Work Of Art
Image by pixabay

You don’t have to go to Amarillo to paint your own junk car, of course. You can just get on with it and have some fun in the process. How about turning your car into a giant pig and then driving it downtown? That should grab some attention.

Turn The Back Of Your Car Into A Morgue

Turn The Back Of Your Car Into A Morgue
Image by pixabay

Want to scare the local kids at Halloween? Turn your car into a morgue. Yes, that’s right, grab a couple of skeletons and RIP tombstones, as well as a wrought iron railing and arrange them all in the boot of your car. What was once a Toyota Celica has now become the realm of the damned.

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