Hennessey Venom F5 Will Break All Records with 300 mph

Hennessy is hoping to cause swells once again in the business with the new Venom F5. It’s an oft-cited maxim that the world is getting littler. In our little world, it’s additionally getting speedier. Quicker to the point of doubt, for John Hennessey not just plans to break the 300mph obstruction with his Venom F5, he needs to go considerably further. It feels like just yesterday when automakers were battling to break the 200-mph check, and now, another hyper car is endeavoring to achieve the 300-mph stamp.

Hennessey Venom F5 Will Break All Records with 300 mph

Hennessey gauges that it will just take 10 seconds to quicken the Venom F5 from 0 to 186 mph, which would make it snappier than the present slate of Formula 1 racers.

Some of the noticeable features are:

  • Its drag coefficient is a decent 0.33.
  • It has twin-turbocharged V8 motor that will put out an expected 1,600 horsepower.
  • It weighs under 3000 pound due to its carbon fiber body.

Presently, Hennessey is back, with the 1,600bhp Venom F5. What’s more, the objective isn’t 300mph. “It’s to go as fast as we can,” he lets us know. “300mph is the kind of baseline – that’s where we would like to begin. Ultimately, however, the tires and the venue of where we’d run the F5 are the limiting factor.”

The Venom F5 will begin at $1.6 million, and the organization will just form 24 cases.

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