Honda Reveals New Micro-sized EV

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has now displayed its latest brainchild under the umbrella of the latest initiative of vehicle categories for micro-sized mobility products. The micro-sized short distance EV commuter has been tentatively named as the MC-β. The vehicle will be go through field tests to explore desirable usage patterns as part of an initiative to enhance city planning as well as contribute to solving key issues faced regarding transportation of the common man in a community.

New Micro-sized EV

The MC-β is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a charging time of less than three hours using voltage of 200. The micro-sized vehicle will be able to go as fast as 70 km/h and cover a distance of more than 80 kilometres. The body of the vehicle is 90 cm shorter than what is typically the dimension of a mini-vehicle. However, the car could be driven in a range of road conditions with driving performance that is nimble enough to be recognised as part of the Honda EV’s trademark. Seating for two, the interior adopts the ‘offset seat layout’ to ensure utility space for the passengers despite the apparent micro-size.

Honda MC-β Car

With the unveiling of the MC-β, Honda has also reaffirmed its commitment towards contributing for the planning for a community. The vehicle is bound to be available to a range of consumers, spreading the joy of mobility, as well as serve its purpose towards the city as well as the environment. This creation of Honda is scheduled to be exhibited at SMART MOBILITY CITY 2013.

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