How To Photograph A Car For Sale: How To Edit A Photo?

While buyers consider commercial car photos as one of the main sources of information, such photos also create an opportunity for car dealers to show their vehicles in an appealing way. In this regard, commercial photos should maintain an optimal balance between aesthetics and representation of a car’s technical specifications.

Taking high-quality photos requires practice. Alternatively, you can use the help of professional car photographers or AI-powered tools. You can find more details about your options here.

photograph a car for sale

How can you take great car photos yourself?

A successful photo shoot starts with the selection of the right time of day. Avoid taking photos at noon, when the sunlight is harsh. It is better to take photos just before sunrise or after sunset.

Also, pay attention to the background as it can affect the professional appearance of your photos. It is best to exclude anything that might draw the viewer’s attention more than the car itself, whether it is an overly bright, artistic or cluttered background. Ideally, take photos in a car photography studio or an open space.

This recommendation can also help you deal with objects that might be reflected on the vehicle and interfere with the visualisation of the car’s design lines.

Note that photos taken from different angles can create different effects. Photographs taken from eye level are more effective for commercial purposes.

Remember that the quality of your photos also depends on the equipment you use.

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Working with professional car photographers

Professionals specialising in car photography can help you to create a set of beautiful car photos. These specialists are already trained in this type of photography, have the necessary equipment and can edit the photos to make them more appealing. Yet, there are also some disadvantages that you should be aware of.

Often, such an approach is not cost-effective. Whether you plan to sell your own car and only need the services for a single vehicle or you own a car dealership that requires photography assistance on a regular basis, working with a professional car photographer can be rather expensive.

In addition, it can be difficult to schedule a photography appointment, especially if you want to sell a car quickly.

Finally, photography is a creative process that can be influenced by individual perception. Your vision of the photos may differ from the photographer’s vision. You have no control over the final product, and you cannot be sure that the photographer will accurately depict your vehicle.

Leveraging the power of AI

The third option you can choose is to use a state-of-the-art robot for automated car photo shoots. Although this may sound like one of the inventions from sci-fi films and books, it is actually much more real and affordable than you think.

For example, Vumo offers its Car Scanner robot that can be used together with Vumography software for ultimate results.

The Car Scanner kit includes a track for placing a car that can withstand more than 20,000 vehicles and can be easily replaced, as well as a semi-automatic robot with an interior tripod and gimbal for higher stability for photography and more comfortable indoor shoots. The robot is capable of taking still photos as well as capturing 360° views of the exterior and interior.

To reduce editing, use Vumography, which utilises AI to accurately and quickly remove backgrounds and upscale photos by adding more megapixels. AI can also add natural blurs and shadows and remove reflections from windows. In addition, this software lets you add a digital background of your choice and change its perspective if it does not match the 3D image of your car. Besides, you can create and customise a virtual showroom and place your dealer plate on the car.

If you have already followed the recommendations for car photography and taken your photo shoots, you will be able to use Vumography alone for editing, even if you only want to modify a single photograph. Meanwhile, the robot is an effective solution for regular car photography.

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