How to Sell Your Car Quickly

Selling a Car Can be a Minefield for the Inexperienced

Car traders have a reputation for sharp dealing. If you want to sell your car quickly, there is an easier and less stressful way.

Every motorist goes through the car buying and selling process from time to time. It is a serious business, as apart from a house, a car is the most valuable thing many of us are likely to buy or sell. And unlike property, it is a transaction that we typically undertake every two to three years.

For those of us making do with cheap vehicles in the sub £1,000 range, it is difficult enough, but if you own a high-end car, then the wrong deal could leave you thousands of pounds out of pocket. This is certainly true for the growing number of Mercedes drivers. For the first time, the luxury car maker from Stuttgart has a vehicle in the top ten most popular cars sold in the UK. If you are among this growing band, and are wondering how best to sell your Mercedes Benz quickly, the following tips will provide all the answers.

When it comes down to it, you have two real options. To sell your car privately through a classified ad, or to sell it to a trader. There is a school of thought that a private sale is the best way to get the best price. After all, traders and specialist car buying companies need to take a cut in order to make a living, so it makes sense to cut out the middle man, right? Not necessarily.

How to Sell Your Car Quickly

There are two major disadvantages to selling privately. The first is the cost and hassle involved. Here are the steps you need to take:

1) Make the car as saleable as possible

  • Get it thoroughly cleaned inside and out, make sure it has been serviced properly, deal with any little issues such as faulty bulbs, worn wiper blades and so on.

2) Research your sale strategy

  • Decide how much to ask and check which publications or websites are the best places to advertise.

3) Advertise

  • Take plenty of photos, craft a compelling advertisement and pay to put the listing live.

4) Viewings

  • Take numerous calls, have people come and view, deal with requests for test drives, and be ready for the all those potential buyers seeking to strike a hard bargain.

5) Sale

  • Agree a price, make sure you get your money before the car leaves your ownership.

If all that sounds like a lot of hard work, that’s because it is. On top of it, there is a second downside in that private buyers expect to pay less than they would from a dealer because they are not getting any sort of warranty or after sale service. In the private car sale environment, the watchword is caveat emptor, and your car needs to be priced accordingly.

An easier way to sell your car quickly

By taking your car to a specialist car buying company, you negate all the above hassle factors, while still getting a competitive price for your car. There are no advertising costs, they do not care if you have cleaned it, and whether it is in perfect running condition with a full service history or is standing in your driveway with a flat battery and a cracked windscreen, you will get a fair market price.

There really is no better way to sell your car quickly and painlessly.

John from The Car People shares a lot of advice and ideas about cars. He has always loved cars since he was a boy and can usually be found at car shows or adding to his car collection.