Why A Motorhome Might Be The Key To Your Dream Vacation

If you’ve ever mooched around the motorhomes on a garage forecourt and can’t fathom what the attraction is in a small house on wheels, you haven’t considered the bigger picture of endless road trips, the freedom of travel and the ability to park up and bed down wherever and whenever you choose. The motorhome is not merely the realm of the retired couple looking to broaden their horizons. More and more young couples and families are selecting a motorhome to fulfill their vacationing requirements. Take a look at this guide to see how a motorhome could be the wisest investment you make this year.

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What Is A Motorhome

A motorhome is different to a caravan in that you are actually driving your accommodation rather than towing it with another vehicle. Nowadays, motorhomes range from the budget and basic to the truly luxurious with the latest GPS, entertainment systems and swanky boutique style furnishings. The idea of slumming it at a campsite does not go hand in hand with traveling in a motorhome.

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The versatility of a motorhome means that you don’t have to plan each holiday you take to within an inch of its life. If your work makes it tricky to plan holidays in advance, a motorhome is ideal as you can take it wherever you please whenever you please. This means that you can spontaneously surprise your family with a road trip across state to a national park, the coast or to wherever the road takes you.

Motorhomes are adequately heated and air conditioned to make them a great choice whatever season you are planning to take an epic road trip. Some of the finest scenery the country has to offer can be found in the winter with snow blanketed vistas and crisp winter sunsets. Heading off out of season can also save you money when visiting attractions and means you won’t have to compete with the droves of other tourists at popular sites.

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The Initial Outlay

When purchasing your motorhome you have to be prepared to flash the cash and make a worthwhile investment for your new holiday accommodation on wheels. Don’t scrimp otherwise you could be left with a money pit. Worse still you could purchase a dud from a disreputable dealer only to discover the need to hire a lemon law lawyer to recoup your money or get your motorhome replaced by a mechanically sound example.

Expect to pay anything upwards of $18,000 to ensure a good quality second hand motorhome. By opting to scour the second hand market, you are not losing money straight away when driving your plush new RV away from the forecourt. A second hand vehicle with a full service history, low mileage and a caring previous owner who has looked after it will repay you every vacation. All you need to worry about is fuel and where you are heading off to next.

When you next consider your vacation requirements, consider hiring a motorhome to dip your toe into the road trip waters. You never know, you may be venturing back home with your mind firmly set on purchasing your very own motorhome.

Wilko is a full-time motoring journalist with an obsessive interest in all things automotive.