Hyundai’s XCIENT Ready to Run on California Roads

According to verified reports, Hyundai is all set to place its foot in the California heavy-duty mobility truck industry as soon as 2023. As a part of the program, the company has decided to launch the XCIENT fuel cell trucks in the first phase.

hyundai xcient ready to run

The latest hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty trucks are not only going to be a great use of environment-friendly renewable energy. But the company is also looking towards revolutionizing the standard truck life and safety features in the US. For this purpose, Hyundai is deploying its 30 XCIENT fuel cell heavy-duty trucks around 2023.

Targeting Northern California as a center for the project

So far, the CTE and Hyundai Motors have been granted 22 million USD by the collaboration of CARB and CEC. Additionally, the company has also secured an investment of around 7 million USD from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and the Alameda County Transportation Commission.

Initially, the company has been planning to launch 30 XCIENT fuel cell trucks in Northern California. All the units will have a 6×4 drive axle configuration. Glovis America will be the logistic fleet operator for the company in the Northern California region.

Dissecting the 12-month pilot program

So far, Hyundai has decided to go with a pilot program team. For this, the company has decided to get in collaboration with Glovis America logistics as a fleet operator. The company will begin its operations in August 2023. For some time of 12-month, the company will pilot the Hyundai trucks to perform long-haul freight operations among warehouses.

The whole operation is funded by multiple American environmental protection agencies as well. This whole project is an effort to reduce air depletion and pollution throughout the California coast.

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