Lamborghini Huracan STO finally test-driven on the Italian soil

After a whole year-long wait, the Huracan STO is finally unleashed for a test drive at the prestigious Autodromo Piero Taruffi in Vallelunga. Developed under the management of the legendary Lamborghini motor team, the best drag car is surely a racing beast.

With the embedded knowledge of the Motorsport team Squadra Corse of the Lamborghini itself, the car is one of the best road-legal sports cars. And recently, the company officially announced Huracan STO’s test drive at a place that we can call the home of the legendary racing cars.

lamborghini huracan sto

Why Lamborghini waited for so long?

Most of the Lamborghini moto fans around the world have the same question in mind. Why did the company delay the whole test-drive routine for the Huracan STO, even when the first-ever model was cleared for the test drive last year?

According to the company’s office released statements and reports, the major factor contributing to this delay is the COVID-19 itself.

As a result of ongoing lockdown announcements and strict restrictions, the company technicians and staff weren’t able to work with consistency on the final details of the project. Eventually forcing Lamborghini to delay the test drive for Huracan STO.

Reviews for the Huracan STO so far

lamborghini huracan sto test drive

So far, the company is getting positive reviews from various reputable sectors alike. One thing that has been appreciated by everyone is the legendary V10 naturally aspirated engine itself.

Moreover, the overall supreme sports car look of the Huracan STO is something that naturally draws attention from all sides.

And how can someone forget the specially designed Potenza Race-specific super grip tires by Bridgestone itself? Adding that extra comfort and luxury to the overall drive experience of the car.

Resulting in the already predicted one-year manufacturing capacity sale within the very few days of its launch.

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