Keep The Motor Running: Ways To Help Your Car Last Longer

Few of us can live without our cars anymore and with good reason. They get us to work, out and about, we use them to see family and friends. Cars have become an invaluable element of our lives. Not only that but plenty of us come to love our cars. They become more than a tool for transporting us from A to B. They’re a source of pride, of freedom, of independence. With that in mind, it can be heartbreaking when something goes wrong, or your car reaches the end of its life. Here are a few simple things you can do to keep your car running for longer.

Check your levels

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Forgetting about the fluid levels in your car can be easy. Sometimes it feels like it’s running fine no matter what. But without careful checks of the oil, fuel, coolant and other levels, your car’s engine could be in serious trouble. By being regular and thorough when checking your car’s levels, you can keep it running as well as the day you bought it. It doesn’t hurt that keeping these things topped up will help your fuel economy too, saving you money.

Get to know your car

Now, not everyone needs to become an engineering level expert. But it’s crucial that you get to know your particular car. What’s the wheel and tire size? What’s your average mileage and how much fuel do you consume? Knowing your vehicle when choosing a car battery can mean the difference between a smooth running machine and a lumbering hunk of scrap.

Consult the experts

Consult the experts

No matter how much you learn about your car, a professional will always have a better sense of the car’s inner workings than you. Take your vehicle for regular check up. When you do, make sure you find a reliable mechanic and use them every time. You wouldn’t go to a different doctor every time you were ill, would you? Then why do that to your car? Find someone who can get to know your car and can make sure it stays in tip-top condition.

Keep it covered

The elements can be harsh sometimes. The weather and the surrounding environment has a way of doing slow but severe damage to your car. Rust and general wear and tear are all possible when your vehicle’s left exposed to the elements. A car cover, or better yet storing it in a garage, can do wonders for your car’s longevity. Not only does it keep your car looking like new but will keep it driving well for longer.

Mind how you’re driving

This one might seem simple, but it would surprise you how often it gets ignored: drive smart. Reckless or aggressive driving not only increased your risk of an accident but can damage your car as well. Your gears, tyres, and brakes are all susceptible to wearing down if you don’t treat them well. Be careful when taking off and stopping that your not putting unnecessary strain on your vehicle. Remember: be kind to your car and your car will be kind to you.

Nick is a leading dealer of car wax products and a true car lover. He pampers his cars to no end and spends a considerable amount of time and money on their maintenance.