Let Explore The Best Car of 2014

Infiniti is set to release its fabulous Q50 Eau Rouge in 2014. It will be soon launched this month on the 13th in North American international auto show in Detroit city. The best high performance auto influenced by formula one feature is going to take away the hearts of Infiniti vehicle lovers. The carbon composite body will provide the feel of formula one. They have unique comfort and style when smoothly run on roads. In Hong Kong Infiniti Company has uploaded vehicles first image for public view.

The features of Q50 are influenced completely from Infiniti’s premium sports sedan car. It is stimulated by aerodynamic qualities and proofs to set fire on the roads very soon.

What are fabulous features?

The exterior and internal frame work of body is made up of carbon fiber, which is quite strong enough to tackle external worst pressure. Highly comfortable and spacious vehicle is known for its wider and lower surface. The doors and roof of the Q50 Eau Rouge are similar like its predecessor vehicles but everything else is magnificent. Each and every part such as filter, diffuser in rear space, sill skirts, and forged alloy wheels four sides and door mirror etc. all are defined by carbon fiber.

Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge concept

However, the design team of Eau Rouge Q50 has focused more on aerodynamic design and its styling rather than vibrant colors or other interior sector of the car. As you all know that Infiniti formula one cars are always listed on top ranking, In the similar way Q50 Eau Rouge promises to win the platform of top ranking as best sports sedan cars. Thus, waiting for its launch and pre book details? Then check out Infiniti’s official website. There you will find all information, latest images and brilliant video in which formula one and Q50 are set at a level of competition.

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