Want to know about Nissan car racing winning history?

Nissan is a leading car brand that has manufactured fabulous cars which have rocked the roads for years. In America and other parts of the world it has coined its winning skills and now the brand is about to add another championship trophy. Its main aim is to return to the grandeur days when it has bagged sports car success race in the period of 80s and 90s. After collecting championship tag one after the other of American Le Mans series now Nissan is heading towards Pickett racing as Nissan is powering it in 2014 for the Tudor united sports car championship inaugural.

How efficient Nissan Company is?

Since 1988 to 1991 Nissan has dominated the US racing championship. The brand has won continuously 4 years for driver’s championships, 33 IMSA races and 3 manufacturer’s titles. Nissan is a proud part of global driver exchange. Racers from this company are ready to step into competition for the upcoming racing championship in 2014. Hence Nissan has achieved Nissan P2 world endurance championship also and now Nissan drivers will launch their fiery vehicles on the track on the position muscle milk ORECA 03 class entry.

Nissan Sports Car Racing

However, NISMO exchange has provided opportunities for Nissan drivers to participate as a contestant for competing in popular Motorsports events all across the world. To know more about Nissan popularity and its racing experience in the world you can logon to the online search engine. Each and every information about the company achievements is listed with appealing images on the site.

Nissan Sports Car Racing

To get live experience, check out dates and timing of racing championship that is about to take place in the month of January 25-26 this year. Hence, Nissan is a brand that assures comfort, luxury on wheels and has best performance vehicles that people own in different corners of the world.

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