World’s largest Trade show featuring Toyota on sale with a big bang!

At the inauguration of the world’s largest trade show, Toyota has been designated as the “Car of the Future.” Integrated with fuel cell electric vehicles would be in store in the coming future or rather one can say that there would be a boom of such fuel cell electric vehicles in the succeeding year.

At the Toyota press conference there were two vehicles sharing the center stage; the average sized Sedan in a Radiant Blue color and with a camouflage taping prototype that is used as a tester for on-road drives in North America since more than a year. This array of prototypes has given an exhilarating range of 300miles approximately, zero-to-sixty acceleration of 10 seconds and the refueling of its tanks takes not more than five minutes.

The use of this hydrogen for electricity use has been thought of a mere wastage and but if one looks from a wise mind then it’s a reasonable priced vehicle, the manufacturers and engineers have been working very well with its integration and equipment gearing up for the launch in 2015.

Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle

It has been more than two decades and there has been an immense investment done by Toyota in the fuel cell R&D. Toyota has emerged as a great one bringing up a variety of prototypes and has come out to be reasonable and affordable. California would be lucky enough for its first launch and Toyota has commemorated with University of California Irvine’s Advanced Power and Energy Program (APEP) to help structure demographically and geographically the best locations for this prototype.

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The sales volume would be announced prior to its release; those who are interested in it can log on and browse the website Media Web site and Public Web site

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