Luxury Rental Vehicles to Make Your Wedding Day Special

If you’re planning a picture-perfect wedding, there’s no better way to make it happen than with an amazing luxury vehicle. You and your spouse-to-be have much to account for, not the least of which is the vehicle used for transport.

Getting everybody home from the reception is big work, and you deserve to do it in style. Read on to discover the best ways to find a luxury rental vehicle for your special day.

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When should you book your wedding-day luxury vehicle?

When it becomes three to six months before the big day, it’s time to officially begin thinking about wedding transportation. So, as soon as you settle on the date, ceremony/reception size, and wedding party size, it’s finally time to call.

Moreover, during the spring and early summer, luxury vehicles are in high demand, so book your rental early. Make the reservation in person so you can inspect your wedding day rental and determine which vehicle you’re getting.

Who should you transport?

The first step for determining who you should transport is to take a headcount for immediate family and VIPs. Generally, this includes the couple, their wedding party, both sets of parents, siblings, and grandparents.

However, many couples also provide wedding transportation for close relatives, visitors from out of town, and even all guests. Ultimately, the final decision will come down to budget, which can be determined by analyzing a variety of factors.

Consider distance

If your ceremony and reception are relatively close to each other, that’s good news for your transport costs. But if they’re more than 30 minutes apart from one another, consider providing transport all around to spare Uber/Lyft costs.

You should also keep in mind the other distances at hand, such as that between your wedding venues and hotel. By elegantly handling the distance factor, you’ll add an element of smoothness to the entire event.

Consider location

Examine your guest list and discern whether you have out-of-towners joining you on your big day. Most who fit that criteria won’t have cars with them and may have to reach a difficult destination.

That’s another reason to consider universal wedding transport for guests – you’d be surprised how impactful this small gesture can be, This way, everyone – not just the bride and groom, for example – will remember the big day positively.

Consider special needs

Moreover, consider anyone who would otherwise struggle without some transportation assistance and organize a travel plan for them. Elderly folks often cannot make it to and from such big events without the assistance of a younger family member.

So remember to think about the elderly and others attending your wedding who may have special needs. It’s only right to consider accessibility before the big day, not as an afterthought.

Consider getting creative

Even if you don’t book transportation for every guest, you can still do something creative and thoughtful for them. Provide information about public transportation, including where to catch cabs, reputable phone numbers, and how much each option will cost.

Another cool trick is to provide discount codes for rental cars – it’s a practical and fun solution. Moreover, some hotels provide a shuttle service, which could be just what your guests need – so, check out all the options.

Renting luxury vehicles

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Now that the logistics of plain transport have been discussed, it’s time to get to the piece de resistance. There is hardly a better way to transport to and from the wedding for you or anyone than renting a luxury vehicle.

But how do you find the right luxury vehicle(s), when so many options pull you in the wrong direction? Well, it’s elementary – just go into the process of renting a luxury car with your wits and a plan.

Check out reviews and reputations

It’s always a good idea to choose a reputable rental company – this saves you from a world of disappointment. You can always check out a firm’s Better Business Bureau rating and look for those with A ratings.

Book the vehicle early

It’s essential to find the right company for your rental luxury vehicle with plenty of time to spare. It’s recommended you book everything 12-18 months before your wedding date.

Check out the vehicle condition

Inspect the vehicle’s condition, including its mechanics, before signing any rental agreement. Look that the air conditioner, lights, windows, and doors all work and that the interior and exterior are well maintained.

Remember the magic number, two

Often, vintage cars can only accommodate the wedding couple due to limited space, so don’t plan on fitting other attendants. Some luxury vehicles, like vintage vehicles, often will come with a designated chauffeur who may not appreciate any surprises.

Plan for the deposit

Just like most other things you rent you can expect to pay a deposit. For luxury vehicles, expect to pay at least $100 in the form of a nonrefundable deposit.

Remember licensure and insurance

Booking a car company that’s lacking insurance will leave liability in the hands of you and your company. That’s why you should choose a trustworthy, licensed, and insured rental company – and ask for a copy of both documents.

Prepare to pay

Ask for an all-inclusive price quote: it should include sales tax, insurance, license fees, peak season fees, and refueling charges. Check out any available wedding packages, and remember there’s also gratuity, with 15-20 percent of the cost being recommended.

Think about color

Luxury vehicles come in various colors, which is why it’s awesome to pick a wedding color scheme and fit the vehicle accordingly. And if you have this desire, communicate it to the agent helping you choose the rental vehicle.

Avoid double-booking

Make sure that only you have booked the specific vehicle you want for the day. If it happens to get double-booked, you’ll be tasked with paying extra if anything’s delayed.

Practice exiting the vehicle

This last one may seem a bit silly, but you’ll be glad you did it. Get in your wedding attire and practice exiting the vehicle, accounting for the shape, size, and height.

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Final thoughts

It’s your big day – weddings take a lot of work, and planning transport is an often-overlooked aspect. The coolest way to plan for wedding transport is to choose a luxury vehicle, and this takes even more planning.

But if you give yourself some time, your imagination can run wild. Buckle up and have fun – you only live once!

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