5 Ways to Make Your Car Go Faster

A beautiful car deserves a powerful exhaust for an exhilarating ride each time you step behind the wheel. It doesn’t matter if you own a BMW, Cadillac, Jeep, or Mustang; some modifications could cater to your need for speed.

A few tweaks and changes might be enough to transform your driving experience for the better. Check out these five ways to make your car go faster.

make your car go faster
Image credit: Pexels

1. An Aftermarket Performance Exhaust System

Despite its many benefits, your current make and model might be failing to meet your speed needs at present. If so, you will not regret treating it to an aftermarket performance exhaust system to create a faster car. It will boost airflow inside the pipes and increase an engine’s power. It is an effective way to transform your driving experience and improve the vehicle’s fuel efficiency, sound, and value.

2. Routinely Change Your Spark Plugs

Spark plugs can have a huge impact on a car’s speed. The parts might be small in size, but they play a huge role in a vehicle’s performance, as the small ignition in the small space will provide the combustion necessary to start and power the car.
If your spark plugs become worn or faulty, it can cause performance problems on the road. Fortunately, it is quick and easy to replace your spark plugs and efficiently power your vehicle.

3. Lighten the Load in Your Car

Reducing a vehicle’s weight could improve its performance on the road. It is a worthwhile consideration for older performance cars, as you could decrease its weight by replacing the trunk and hood with carbon fiber alternatives. If you slash the vehicle’s weight, it will not need to work harder when driving down a highway or tackling a racetrack. For instance, removing 10 pounds of weight will add approximately one horsepower, which is why you must try to lighten the load as much as possible.

In addition to removing heavy items, avoid installing large, heavy wheels, as they will need more horsepower on the road. Ditch the luxe 22 rims and choose smaller, lighter wheels for enhanced performance on the road or racetrack.

4. Add a New Electric Fan

A car fan pulls air through the radiator to maintain a functional, cool temperature when driving. Yet, older vehicles feature mechanical fans powered by the engine. For this reason, you must replace it with a modern electrical fan to improve your car’s horsepower and help it reach much faster speeds.

5. Tighten the Suspension

It might be time to consider tightening your suspension, as it will boost your car’s initial acceleration, improve traction, and reduce weight transfer. Also, saying goodbye to worn suspension components will avoid losing much-wanted horsepower via loose parts.

If you have a need for speed behind the wheel, the above top tips could transform your car’s horsepower and driving experience. Plus, it could even help you enjoy a burst of adrenaline after traveling across a challenging racetrack.

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